1. TASKS - Tasks are simply the actions performed to complete the steps as mentioned in epics and stories.
  2. PRODUCT OWNER-Main man who gathers the requirements from Customers/Stakeholders in a proper way and provides this requirements(in the form of EPICS and Stories) as a input to the team.They actually don’t know about the implementation of the project.But supervises the overall status of the project. Every release should satisfy the product owner. Team should again start working from the scratch to build the product once again if it is being rejected by the product owner.
  3. SCRUM MASTER- They are the ones who work closely among all the teams .But does not gets involved in the actual process.
  4. SCRUM TEAM- Developers and Testers are collectively referred as scrum team.
  1. There is no need for the customer to wait for the entire software.After receiving the sprint there will be a chance to include the changes felt by the customer in the upcoming sprints.
  2. Frequent release of software.
  3. It is considered to be very useful in customer point of view.
  4. Saves lots of quality time and less cost.




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